About LCEA

Every year, your rate of pay, the hours you work, the benefits you receive and more are directly determined by the outcome of  negotiations between the Lincoln City Employees Association and city officials. Without Lincoln City Employees Association (LCEA), these critical aspects of your employment would be controlled completely by the City Administration.

What is LCEA?

LCEA is a non-profit corporation, recognized by the City of Lincoln and the Nebraska Commission of Industrial Relations as the official representative for a bargaining unit comprising nearly 200 city job classifications and approximately 600 individual employees in paraprofessional, technical, supervisory and professional positions within the classified service. Employees of 11 city departments are represented on the LCEA Board of Directors.

There is no national association or union that represents you. LCEA is a local labor organization that provides you with the same services as labor unions that are affiliated with national organizations. That is a large task; one that needs your support and membership. LCEA does not receive money, legal counsel or other support from any national organization; it depends on your support and involvement.

Membership dues in LCEA are the lowest of any of the City's bargaining units. The $12.00 per month dues equate to approximately one-hour of wages per month; a small price to pay for the services provided by your union.


What does LCEA do for you?

Group advocacy. As your bargaining unit LCEA negotiates for the terms and conditions that are in your labor contract. This is accomplished through the LCEA Negotiations Committee and with the assistance of our contracted attorney and other experts that we bring on board. This can be a costly endeavor; your support is needed to effectively participate in the negotiation process prior to each new contract period. Without LCEA there would be no negotiations; your wages, working conditions and benefits would be determined solely by the Mayor and City Council.

Grievance representation. Although none of us expect to encounter problems in our employment they do occur from time to time. LCEA has a standing Grievance Representative Committee. As an LCEA member, this committee can assist you in a grievance complaint against the City and the LCEA attorney will assist the committee in representing you and your claim during the process.

Vital information. Through periodic newsletters and membership meetings LCEA keeps you informed of contract negotiations, board activities and other concerns that affect our members.

Democratic action. Through its Board of Directors, LCEA allows members to elect peers to represent their concerns and to structure the duties and responsibilities of the association. You have a voice in the organization that represents you. Major issues and contract approval require membership participation and approval.


Can you afford not to be a member?

Frankly, no, considering how much is at stake during the negotiation of your contract. Your personal and financial support make a difference. In addition, dues-paying members receive free assistance related to personnel disputes with the city.

Won't you join us in strengthening the voice that speaks for you? For $12 a month, you can demonstrate your support of LCEA through membership. To join, simply print out and complete the Authorization for Payroll Deduction and forward it, via inter-office mail to: John Chess, Health Department.